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9 January 2017 - 12 January 2017

Multi-purpose Hall, #01-03 (A.K.A. The Black Box)

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At once a historic point of confluence between immigrant, diasporic and autochtonous communities and a globalized interconnected hub, contemporary Singapore presents a rich and unique musical scene which hasn’t often been studied. More akin to a constellation of distinct yet interconnected
The Artists-In-School-Scheme (AISS) for Pre-Schools which is a “ collaboration between NAC and the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to enable pre-schoolers to gain access to quality and sustained arts programmes specifically designed by arts practitioners” (National Arts
This study aims to track and examine the development and implementation of a multi-disciplinary immersive arts experience, BOTH SIDES, NOW, which explores end-of-life issues. BOTH SIDES, NOW is a community arts project that encourages its audiences to move away from perceiving death and dying as

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    You are probably familiar with the outstanding work of the International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE) http://www.arts-edu.org/

  • INRAE has been publishing its annual Yearbook since 2013 that is renowned for disseminating studies in arts education from around the world. We are writing to give you a unique opportunity to support the continuation of this remarkable publication and, at the same time, to receive formal recognition and a gift of the 2016 edition, delivered to your home. Publication of the first three INRAE Yearbooks was generously supported by the Mercator Foundation. Now that this funding has ended, we are excited to be using crowdfunding to cover the cost of publication for 2016. 

  • We invite you to visit our crowdfunding campaign by following this link –http://igg.me/at/inrae or look for the campaign called “Support Arts Education through Research” on Indiegogo. We will be very grateful for donations at any level and will recognize all donations of 10 Euros or more on a special donor’s page in the Yearbook, itself, and on our website. In addition, we will reward each donation of 50 Euros or greater with a gift of the 2016 INRAE Yearbook.



The UNESCO Seoul Agenda

The UNESCO Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education

The Seoul Agenda calls upon UNESCO Member States, civil society, professional organizations and communities to recognize its governing goals, to employ the proposed strategies, and to implement the action items in a concerted effort to realize the full potential of high quality arts education to positively renew educational systems, to achieve crucial social and cultural objectives, and ultimately to benefit children, youth and life-long learners of all ages.

The full document in English is available here.