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Arts graduates face multiple challenges including competition for entry-level work; multiple concurrent roles; and informal, networked ways of obtaining or creating work through reputation building. As such they have to quickly become resourceful, life-wide learners who self-manage their careers and skills development. This often means moving across the boundaries of employers, clients and task orientations, and between traditional, online and digital environments.

How well do we prepare Arts students for such precarious, complex work? This presentation explores self and identity in relation to enhanced student engagement and increased graduate resilience. Against a background of the artistic labour market – what it looks and feels like to work as an artist – the presentation draws on the findings from extensive research with students to frame resources now being used by academics in 19 countries and in disciplines from music education to medicine.

Dawn Bennett is Distinguished Research Fellow and Director of the Creative Workforce Initiative at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Research interests include the characteristics of work in the creative sector, the role of identity development in student engagement, Arts education, and the impact of research frameworks on the academic workforce. Recent work has focused on identity development and student engagement across multiple disciplines. A viola player, Dawn serves on multiple editorial boards and convenes the national network of Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows.

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Presentation by Dawn Bennett


Q & A

12 February 2014
10.30-11.30 am, NIE 3-01-LT10 (Blk 3, Level 1, Lecture Theatre 10), National Institute of Education,1 Nanyang Walk

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