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Name of Author: 
Lok, Lena Min-Li
School of Art, Design and Media (Nanyang Technological University)
Astrid Al Mkhlaafy
Year of completion: 
Country of Research Data: 
Final Year Project (FYP) for School of Arts, Design and Media
There is a need for a change in mindset towards how Singaporeans view the Arts. Although Singaporeans are becoming increasingly more accepting of the Arts scene, their understanding and “education” of Art is limited. The development of art is inter-linked with its environment and in a highly pragmatic society like Singapore where good academic-grades are valued, art is often overlooked and its importance underestimated. Having taught art to children aged five to ten for the past two years, I have decided to create a beneficial art curriculum that will stimulate children’s interest and passion in art for my Final Year Project. I realized that children respond better to art when craft and story elements have been incorporated into the lesson. Thus this paper comprises of my research on art education for children and explores the positive and negative sides of having a structured art curriculum. It is also through this research and my past experience of working as an arts teacher that I have decided to create an art school with its own curriculum book. This will be my “solution” of combating the lack of affordable art programs for children living in the local heartlands. I want to bring a new perspective of art learning to Singapore, where children will be able to discover for themselves that art need not be twodimensional. Art learning should move into the realm of a multi-sensory experience in which it helps to develop all of children’s five senses.
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