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Lye, Jacqueline Wai Yu
Thesis (M.Ed.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Wright, Susan
Year of completion: 
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This study looks at preschool teachers' beliefs and practices about art education. It seeks to examine teachers' perceptions and understanding of art, their attitudes towards art, and how these factors contribute to shaping their beliefs and practices in art education. The study also looks at some of the practices that take place in the classroom and whether or not teachers' beliefs are aligned with their practice. A mixed-method approach was adopted to integrate both quantitative and qualitative approaches in looking at teachers' beliefs and practices in art education for young children. The research drew on quantitative cross-sectional survey data of 166 preschool teachers. This was combined with qualitative data gleaned from observations of art lessons and interviews with four teachers about their beliefs and practices. The results of the survey showed that teachers generally held beliefs that were compatible with best practices in art education. There were, however, some inconsistencies between the questionnaire and interview statements and the observed practice. There appear to be gaps between beliefs, espoused practice and actual practice in the classroom. The observations showed that teachers do not always practice what they think they believe, nor always practice what they claim to do in the classroom.

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