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Saufi Bin Abdullah
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Development project report 'Buku Panduan Guru Untuk Mengqjar Elemen Irama Melalui Permainan Kertok' was prepared m order to meet SPM 6006 course need in Program Sarjana Pendidikan Muzik, UPSI. The aim a/product development is to help and provide instructional material choice to schools in implementing 'Kwikulwn Pendidikm Muzik KBSM'. This products is specialty prepared for music teachers who wish to enhance elements instructional material rhythm and does not solely depend to modem gadgets supplied only. Its also to ensure, this product development will be able to contribute to the heritage retention culture. This products is developed by guided book structure Goya Dewan style. For evaluation of the products that has been produced, interview has being conducted with 3 music teachers who had experience in teaching for 10 years. From the retrieval of the interview shown that all respondent agreed and have a same opinion with the product produced. There still a few weakness in developing the products but way on how to overcome the weakness occured also has been discuss at the end of this writing.

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