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Daphne, Rodrigues
Thesis (M.A.) (Applied Psychology) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Ng, Aik Kwang
Year of completion: 
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Creative thinking has been identified as one of the "desired outcomes" of the Singapore Education system. While attempts have been made to incorporate creative thinking into our curriculum, the role of the teacher as models of creative thinking has been overlooked. This study aims to bridge this oversight by studying important factor of teacher personality and creative style preferences. The study predicts that individual differences in creative style are substantially linked to general traits of personality. 166 teachers from 3 secondary and 2 primary schools completed a self-report questionnaire in which the Kirton Adaptation-Innovation Inventory (Kirton, 1976) and Five-Factor Inventory (Costa and McCrae, 1992) were used to examine the relationship between creative style preferences and personality. Using Pearson's correlation analysis and t-tests for independent samples, the study provides empirical evidence that teachers who are conscientious tend to create by adaptation or ingenuous application of established procedures, whilst those who are extravert and open to experience would tend to think 'outside the box' and so come up with ideas which are novel and radical. The latter also tend to disregard organizational mores and practices. These findings have implications for how schools can develop and tap the different creative styles of our teachers and consequently, help nurture them in our young. It could also help the Education ministry recruit teachers with characteristics which are more in line with stated educational objectives, as well as develop those already in her employ.

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