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Name of Author: 
Sharulnizam Bin Ramli
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Country of Research Data: 

The research is created out for the purpose of research exploration on batik'. motif

m Pahang state. On the same time, it explores the flora and faunas motifs as well as the aspects and factors that influeces the exploration ofhand-dra^n batik's motif in Pahang. Natural Batik Village in Balok has been selected as the research location.

Researcher as the main instant has chosen describe qualitative research

method for analysing the ne^ data. Data collection techniques for the research ^ere

observation, interview, audio video recording and documentation.

From the research that has been carried out, exploration on hand.dra^n batik's

motif at Natural Batik Village .ere also influenced by culture, social and economic

factors. Propogaton's or craftman-s exploration towards hand.dra^ batik:

figurative motif at Natural Batik Village also exposes the influence of creaky

expression, representation, environment and aesthetic. The selection of figurative

motifs on hand dra^n batik at Natural Batik Village has been seen as a fascinating

subject for the research due to the factor that figurative motifs has always been

castedoffor cn'oided m Malay community before this.

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