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Teo, Shih Chin
Thesis (M.Ed.) (Art Specialisation) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Matthews, John
Year of completion: 
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The revised Secondary Art Syllabus implies that it is important for school art teachers to help students lay a good foundation in the skill of observational drawing. Hence the intention of this study is to understand the difficulties faced by secondary school students in observational drawing and the differences in the strategies employed by students who are able to produce observational drawings that are closer to the actual objects in terms of form, colour, tone and texture, compared to the strategies of students who are not as accurate in their observational drawings. Such information is gathered through observations of students' drawing and colouring process by a teacher cum researcher. The results showed that the critical factors affecting the success of the students in drawing (in terms of form, colour, tone, texture) and their confidence in drawing are : the understanding and internalization of the different drawing and colouring techniques; the quantity of practice on the part of the student; and support, encouragement and affirmation from their parents and their teachers.

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