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Goh, Sylvia Hwee Ching
National Institute of Education
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An Academic Exercise submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


This academic exercise investigates the significance of installation as a contemporary art practice and discusses its prominence as a vehicle for social expression in Singapore. The first chapter outlines the framework in which installation art, a hybrid discipline, has been and can be defined today. The discussion of the development of installation art within the contemporary art scene in Singapore shows that it is a widespread practice, specific to physical, social and political space. Through the close analysis of selected artists and their works, this exploration affirms that installation art in Singapore is not an evolutionary offspring of previous art movements but rather a powerful art form used in its own right to address social political issues. The final chapter examines overarching effects of installation from a broader perspective, one which focuses on the relationship between art and contemporary Singapore society.

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