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Tan, Wei Ling
Thesis (M.Ed.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Chong, Sylvia
Year of completion: 
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The purpose of this study was to examine the motivational and enhancement values of integrating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the learning of recorders in the music classroom. In this study, four research questions were answered. The students' and teachers' attitudes and perceptions towards the use of computers in teaching and learning were also investigated. Two primary four music classes were randomly selected in a co-educational government school in a suburban neighborhood. During the five-week program, students were taught a) the history of recorders, b) the family of recorders, c) to identify and play melodic phrases associated with a local song Jingli Nona, d) to create melodic phrases. Students in the experimental group used the Recorder Teacher software and websites in their lessons. The students in the control group were taught to play the recorder by their teacher. Prior to the commencement of the program, a pre-study questionnaire was administered to all the students to obtain information regarding their musical backgrounds, as well as familiarity and experience with computers and software. At the end of the program, both groups of students participated in a posttest which required them to play a melody on the recorder. The students in both classes participated in a survey after the five-week program where their feedback towards the lessons was gathered. Randomly selected students as well as the teachers were also interviewed. The purpose of the interview was to ascertain their attitudes and perceptions towards the lessons. Results from the posttest show that students from the ICT Class (9.17) attained a higher score compared to the students from the Teacher-led Class (8.22). The survey revealed a higher level of motivation and interest from the students from the ICT Class. Students commented that using the computers to learn about recorders made them more interested in learning and that it was a fun way to learn to play an instrument. The Recorder Teacher software also received encouraging feedback from the students and teacher. Students from the control group did not express as much enthusiasm in the lessons during the interview. The students indicated that the lessons were boring. The ICT Class teacher expressed great enthusiasm during the interview. She mentioned that the ICT Class was highly motivated during the class. She felt that computers are very effective tools when used to teach music. The results of this study suggest that ICT is an effective tool in the teaching of recorders. Recommendations for future study have been made at the end of the study.

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