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Yeo, Tiong Meng
Thesis (M.Ed.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Quek, Choon Lang
Year of completion: 

This study investigates how a group of 15 secondary three Express stream D&T students participated in three stages of the design process in a technologymediated environment. The three stages are Situation, Ideation and Development. The mediation of technology in this context involves the use of an asynchronous discussion platform that enables students to contribute and improve ideas through social interaction. The nature of student participation in the three stages was analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. The observed relationship between any two of the three stages was also investigated. Finally, student participation and learning in the technology-mediated learning environment was explored. Results revealed that interactions among students were not evident at the Situation stage but were evident at the Ideation and Development stages. It was observed that student-groupsí high participation levels at the Situation stage were sustained throughout the discussion until the Development stage. Participation levels from one of the three groups of students in the three design stages were very different from the other two groups. Generally, a relatively high level of in-depth information processing as compared to surface-level of information processing was noted at the three design stages.

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