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Lim, Matthew Wee Chin
Thesis (Ph.D.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Chia, Wei Khuan
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There have been expressed concerns in the Classical Music industry in the last ten to twenty years concerning the condition of the Symphony Orchestra as an institution. Outwardly it is suffering from falling attendance and sales, inwardly it is found to be artistically stagnant as an art form. Industry experts have found that the malaise stems from a breakdown of relationships between the institution and the changing times, as well as problems of training and education. This paper investigates these issues in the context of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), whether the problems faced by international orchestra apply to it as well. It looks at the history of the SSO and considers the relationships between the orchestra musicians, conductors, management and board leadership, and the audience. It also considers its artistic output and quality of leadership, if it is an institution capable of creatively responding to change.

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