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Nik Hartini Binti Nik Latif
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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Critical thinking approach in providing opportunities for students to be more active and

also helps the students work in determining their own goals. Many teachers are not aware of thinking used and often not focused on the intellectual development of students.

Teachers should be wise to use teaching strategies that more interesting and different to

improve the mental and competitive thinking among students. This study aimed to

investigate the implementation of Thinking Skills in Teaching and Learning of Music

Education in primary schools in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes. This study also investigate whether there are differences in the level of readiness of the implementation of thinking based on variables such as teaching experience and academic qualifications.

The sample consists of forty primary school music teachers from the districts involved in this study. Respondents are asked to provide feedback on the questionnaire. The results showed there was no significant difference in the willingness of teachers in the

implementation of thinking in terms of knowledge and attitudes based on teaching

experience. Significant relationship also exists in the availability of teachers in the

implementation of thinking in terms of skills based on academic qualifications.

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