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Asia-Pacific Journal for Arts Education
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Cecily Cheo, Khristian Joy Millan
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cecilycheo@gmail.com, joymillan@gmail.com
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Hong Kong
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This paper maps out the state of visual arts education research in Singapore that is necessary to inform, support and sustain the current wave of reforms in government policy and education practice in visual arts. The research studies appear to cluster around 8 general themes, each of which are presented to provide an overview of the types of research topics, to discuss significant contributions made by particular writers, and to comment on factors that seem to characterize the research grouped under each theme. Overall, the studies are unevenly distributed across various domains and do not provide a cohesive overview of what visual arts education in Singapore is. The potential for meaningfully and strategically expanding visual arts education research in Singapore may be made possible by undertaking research initiatives such as a critical charting of the history of art education and incorporating an analysis of policy changes and implementation, both past and current. Although the number of research studies undertaken to date is comparatively small, there is enough evidence to indicate that the factors that have served to constrain research activity in the field are undergoing significant change. A new climate now exists in which the contribution that the visual arts make to Singaporean society is now more fully acknowledged. There is a need to take constructive steps to equip a new generation of researchers who will be able to further advance established areas of research, and who will be ready to take advantage of new research opportunities that this climate of change has ushered in.
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