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Cordeiro, Adrian
Thesis (M.Ed.) National University of Singapore
Hickman, Richard
Year of completion: 
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The Ministry of Education in 1983, conceived a special programme called the Art Elective Programme (AEP) to help develop the artistic potential of those talented in Art. Screening of suitable pupils was done through various screening measures, tests and instruments. Apart from artistic ability, the programme was designed to identity those with creative potential as well. This study is to discern if the present Art Elective Programme"s (AEP) Selection Test Instruments Identify creativity as well as artistic ability. The study traces the development of the AEP selection Test Instruments over the years and the rationale behind the changes made to the Selection Test Instruments. The study looks at present test Instruments to discover if drawings, both imaginative and observational, as well as psychometric instruments such as 'Self Nomination Questionnaire", would be able to identify creativity in pupils. A noted creativity was used as a fixed variable with which to correlate the AEP Selection Test Instrument. The literature reviewed, discusses the nature of creativity and intelligence as well. In the study, analysis of correlational coefficients show that whilst the coefficients between drawing and creativity are low, they are however significant at the .05 level. There was no relationship at all between psychometric instruments and creativity. Research literature has indicated that creativity is not an easy phenomenon to measure. For several years now, researchers have noted that artistic pupils display certain characteristics and interests. Khatena, Morse and Torrance in recent years, developed a 'Multitalent perception Inventory' which lays claim to being able to screen those with general creative abilities. The study looks to future research in the area of artistic abilities and creativity and hope it has contributed in a small measure to research in the area of test instruments, drawing and creativity.

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