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Ng Jia Rui Natalie
Singapore : Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
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Country of Research Data: 
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of BA (Hons) Music
1. Introduction. -- 2. Hearing loss briefly explained, and the use of music as a medium for treatment - a. Classification of hearing loss - b. Music as a medium for treatment. -- 3. Review of literature - a. The public's perception and media's portrayal of deaf students and their music programmes - b. Musical perception of the deaf - c. Usage of rhythm and pitch in therapy sessions - d. How speech and language are learnt through music and song. -- 4. Approaches in the education of hearing impaired by using music - a. Teaching speech through the use of rhythm in music - b. Teaching speech through the use of pitches in music - c. The use of Eurhythmics - d. Different approaches in teaching language. -- 5. Discussion. -- 6. Conclusion. -- 7. References. -- 8. Appendices - a. Language development chart - b. Comparison of different methods of teaching rhythm - c. Comparison of different methods of teaching pitch.
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