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Mohd Asri Bin Mohd Daud @ Idris
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Year of completion: 
Country of Research Data: 

Wayang Kulit Gedek Sen Asun Group is a well-known theater group. It was formed many

years ago and until now its style of performances remained the same. It is present verbally

using various visual techniques with wide range of colors. This show has been used as a way

to communicate with the society. It is one of the most important medium of information and

ideologies to the society at large. A part from that, it also function as a medium of education

especially good values starting from the process of preparing material and tools until to the

presentation of the story. Besides that, the stories presented are able to entertain the audience

and make them laugh. Thus, this puppet show has attracted the attention of life. This research

is done to highlight and to proof the existence of educational values in the puppet show that

unseen by others.  Based on the above objectives, the researcher has used qualitative

approach which is the most appropriate for the research. The out come of this study has

clearly proven that there are exactly educational values which function contextually and

essentially in the whole activities of the puppet show. Hopefully the outcomes of this research

will bring new perceptions towards puppet show.

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