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Che Aleha Bt Ladin
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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The purpose of this reseacrh is to know the implementation of formative assessment in the teaching and learning process of art education is success or not. It also focus on the teachers knowledge in applying the formative assessment in their classrooms and the suitability of this assessment based on the art education curriculum. This research is a case study which uses a cualitative approach to explain the problems as a whole. The method used are interviews, observation, investigative, documents and recorded audio visual materials. SMJK Pel Yuan has been choosen. It is a Chinese medium school, located in Kinta Selatan district of Perak. This research involved five teachers who were choosen at random. They are teachers from this school who are currently teaching art education. As a conclution, it shows that the implementation of this assesssment involved three main domain which are the cognitif, affective and psikomotor. Even so it was not done througly though the process of teaching. The method of assessment which is not done thoroughly and do not fit the actual asessmenfs method shows that the teachers knowledge in implementating the formative asesssment need to be improved. The result of this researh is hope to provide advantage and realisation to teachers about the importance of applying and doing the formative assessment using the correct method.

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