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Hishammuddin Bin Idrus
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Country of Research Data: 

The Victoria Institution Cadet Corps Band (VICCB) has acclaimed

successes at national and international level. These national and international

triumphs have certainly proven that VICCB has the right factors in preserving its

name as an outstanding, prestigious and victorious band in Malaysia. This research focuses on two aspects; firstly, on the training program carried out by VICCB which includes its organisation, the training program for its new recruits and the role of its band director in dealing with the band, secondly, this research is aimed at determining the type of expenses and steps taken to attain financial sources in order to provide for the band activities. This research is done in a qualitative approach.

The method used is a case study. The data is collected through interviews. The

findings of the research have clearly indicated that the successes gained by VICCB are due to its competent organisational structure, the systematic training program and strong financial sources.

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