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Sandra Kirkwood
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Kirkwood, S.
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Sandra Kirkwood
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Music Health Australia
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The Purga Music Story is an inter-generational community education package about Purga music history that was developed through consultation with local people who used to live in the neighbourhood, or on the Purga Aboriginal Mission that was once situated in our neighbourhood from 1915 to 1948. The Purga Music Story is a living story that seems to grow over time. Musicians who play and sing at community dinners write themselves into Purga Music history. New residents who move into the Purga area also have the opportunity to include music stories about themselves and their relatives in the Purga Music Story. People bring in old photographs, newspaper clippings, and music memorabilia to share with others and it can be added to wall hanger displays and multi-media recordings to assist with the telling of the story.

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