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Yeo, Kar Yen
National Institute of Education
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An Academic Exercise submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


The concept of a Renaissance City is not a new one. The idea of transforming Singapore into a regional arts centre was conceived almost 20 years ago. However, there were not many initiatives to push the arts into the lives of Singaporeans. Until the completion of the Esplanade this year, and all its publicity and grandeur, together with the influx of foreign artists into Singapore to perform, the general public are now able to appreciate the arts in a whole new way. But the concept of becoming a Renaissance City in Singapore might still be foreign to many. Though the government is eager to pour more funding into the arts, many Singaporeans are still having the art for-entertainment- only mentality. This could have been the result of Singapore's educational system, which had programmed its citizens with a mindset that is technically biased.

This academic exercise investigates whether Singapore is ready to be a Renaissance City, not only whether Singapore has the infrastructure to be one, but whether Singaporeans are ready or receptive towards becoming a Renaissance City and whether or not Singaporeans even know that the country is striving towards becoming a regional arts centre. It will also discuss how the educational system in Singapore might contribute to the building and development of the City itself and how this very educational system might have implanted certain mindsets that might have been unfavourable to the concept.


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