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Soo, Wai Man
Thesis (Ph.D.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Chen, Ai Yen ; Williams, Michael Dale
Year of completion: 
Country of Research Data: 

This study investigated the effects of an online courseware delivered via a web-based instructional system, on polytechnic students' dispositions of thinking, problem-solving, and contextual application. The investigator used a pre-experimental design with a one-group pretest-posttest research design in the study. The online courseware provided instructions on how to use divergent and convergent thinking tools and problem-solving processes. Structured online activities were designed for students to practice and apply CPS tools and processes across problem cases. A CPS questionnaire specially designed and developed for this study was used to collect data for quantitative analysis with SPSS. Archives of online discussions provided for qualitative analysis with QSR NU*DIST. The study showed that the online courseware made a positive impact on polytechnic students' dispositions in thinking, problem-solving, and contextual application. The investigator concluded that the online courseware was consistent in eliciting fluency, flexibility, and elaboration of ideas from the polytechnic students. However, there was a lack of originality of ideas. Arising from this results, recommendations were made for further research into the effects of the online courseware on students' thinking, problem-solving, contextual application, and creative performance.

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