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Name of Author: 
Kuntoro Edhi
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Country of Research Data: 


This research specify on the techniques of singing the "keroncong

asli". It uses the qualitative approach based on the case studied as the love of

this research. Data collected are from institutions and individuals. The

instruments used in collecting data in this research are documentation, reading materials, document analysis, interviews and observation. Documents, readingmaterials and facts are also gathered from the internet which will then be used to analyse the vocal of keroncong asli. Closed interview are also done with the keroncong singers. So did the observation with the professional singers.

During the process of observation, video recording is made and researchers

take notes in the progress. After all the data being collected, researchers will

then analyse the documents to get the outmost input and all the important

information in it. Things gathered from this research are related to the

technique of singing the keroncong asli used by the respondents. While

singing the keroncong the respondent also use the technique of cengkok,

gregel, nggandul and mbat. This would make the respondent  sing the

keroncong with the correct and proper manner especially the breathing

technique. It would also improvise the overall technique of singing keroncong.

As a conclusion, the researcher hope the information gathered from the

research will be a guideline for learners as well as those who want to teach the singing of keroncong asli. Hopefully it will also in expanding and restoring the beauty of the culture.

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