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Amir Bin Hashim
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
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This research is to identify the present competency level of Visual Arts Teachers in

the planning for implementation process of teaching using Instructional Design of

technology method whilst applying the computer visual graphic and multimedia in

school. In order to provide an effective teaching method, the Visual Arts Teachers

must have a high competency level in the planning and implementation process.

Hence, they must be exposed to multiple methods, techniques and the need to create a

teaching module which incorporate interactive and visual graphic and multimedia

together. With the help of researchers, the Visual Arts Teachers are exposed to a few

fundamentals of interactive teaching module during their 4 days course. Due to time

factor and high cost, the Visual Arts Teachers are exposed to the fundamental of the

modules, however they have succeeded in creating a good interactive and multimedia

teaching module. Research method which is used is a survey using qualitative method.

The objective of the research was achieved through good corporation and data

collected through 3 methodology which were verbal interviews, observation and

discussion (sample's background). This method was chosen because it can simplify

the data compilation and analysis process gained throughout the process of creating an

interactive teaching module. Responders are 40 Visual Arts Teachers from Kinta

District High School, Perak. From this research, we found that the responders did not

understand the instructional integration technology with the planning and

implementation process due to lack of knowledge and experience in ICT and

technology. The implication from this research is that the Visual Arts Teachers must

understand the use of technology in learning and should be able to adapt to changes

brought by technology in terms of working method, communication and

comprehension of ICT and its progress. Teachers have to adapt to using new teaching

tools such as computer soft wares as part of their teaching techniques.

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